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Harrison High School Is In a school located in harrison, new york. If you LOVE snobby rich kids, wanna be guidos and guidettes with fake tans, and kids that think they are too cool for this world, than this is the school for you! Harrison high school is full of a bunch of FAKE people that will smile in your face, but when you turn around, all they talk is SHIT. The other half are potheads, druggies, and heavy drinkers. they all go to parties every weekend, and have embarrassing photos put up the next day. the guys think they are the ish, and the girls seem to like it. All people talk about is who hooked up with who, and wheres the next party at. The freshman girls are either sluts or nobodys, and the freshman boys are obnoxious. oh and one more thing, half of the seniors that spent all their time partying will be seniors for the next 2-3 years(super seniors) There Are Basically Different Categories Of People. You have:
1.RICH KIDS(typically AP kids)
2.SLUTS(they are noticeable)
3.POTHEADS/HEAVY DRINKERS(typically lakers)
4.THE WANNABES(followers of the crowd)

Choose your category wisely, because once you are in it, you cant change.
Wow i hate harrison high school.
Wow harrison high school sucks
Wow harrison high school is full of super seniors
by A realistic chick September 10, 2011

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