2 definitions by A pro mindsterbator

forbidden-fruit factor
This is the thing that makes any one of your girlfriend/boyfriend's good friends and best friends 10x more attractive than they've ever been before because of the fact that you can never have them.
This makes people you'd normally not be attracted to seem even hot at times.
Single guy: Dude, Becky and Sierra are like 5's.
Taken guy: It's the FFF man; they're at least 8's in my eyes now.
by A pro mindsterbator January 11, 2011
When your mind is only focused on having sex with a hot celebrity and your girlfriend, to where absolutely nothing can break you from your sexual daydream.
Billy: Dude what's wrong with Hunter?

John: He's thinking about having a 3-way with Katy Perry and his girl Emily.

Billy: Classic case of Mindsterbation?

John: Yup.
by A pro mindsterbator August 10, 2010

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