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A portion of the city of Los Angeles bordered on the west by the city of West Hollywood, on the north by the Hollywood Hills and San Fernando Valley, and south and east by various other sections of Los Angeles. It is a word falsely used to describe "plastic, selfish, and stuck up" people, as well as the entertainment industry, although the portion of Los Angeles called Hollywood is actually a mainly residential area, with many cultures and backgrounds. It's also not exactly the safest area of the city in many parts, regardless of its perception.

There are tourist attractions but it's no different than any other area known to outsiders.
Guy: "Man I can't stand all that Hollywood bullshit"
Me: "Have you ever been to Hollywood?"
Guy: "No"
Me: "Come back and repeat that statement when you do. Also, when you're there, be careful."
by A name that hasn't been used April 05, 2011
A wine of various types by Charles Shaw (Chuck) which is sold for $1.99 a bottle at the Trader Joe's grocery store chain in California, with bottles by the hundreds, possibly thousands, in plain sight at these locations. It is surprisingly decent and is a nice cheap way to buy booze as long as you don't care what it is.
Friend: Why do you have wine?

Me: How about because bottles of wine are the same as about 5 beers, these are two dollars each, and I still can still eat once I'm starving. And also because I don't care what you think. So I bought 2 buck chuck.

Friend: True, good point.
by A name that hasn't been used April 05, 2011

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