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The definition of Feminism is "Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes."

Most people wrongly define feminism as what radical women do, which has to do with personal opinion, not Feminism. Many people don't seem to understand, the idea that women are superior conflicts the definition of feminism just as much as men being superior. The idea is that someone isn't better than someone just because of their reproductive organs.

Someone being a feminist does not mean they hate someone just because they are male. As I said earlier, that idea actually conflicts the definition.

So instead of everyone having ignorant misconceptions of what a feminist is, why don't you actually look the definition up in the dictionary. And stop saying all feminists are radical men haters. (And also, not all feminists are represented by or support NOW)
I don't discriminate against men or women, I am a feminist.
by A logical Feminist January 22, 2004

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