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gimpyfish is often mistaken as a portmanteau of two properly basic words: gimpy and fish. Before continuing on what the actual term gimpyfish means, the reader should be enlightened to know how, gimpy and fish, are defined.

According to urban dictionary, gimpy has three basic meanings: A description concerning a person's physical disability by accident or birth, another describing the restricted mental capacity of a person, and the third referring to a nerd. fish, according to the same dictionary, has many definitions ranging from a biological organism that resides in the water to a newly acquainted person that has recently entered a prison facility to many other definitions too numerous for this entry to describe.

With a rather cursory look through these definitions, we could already tell that, perhaps with the tenuous exception for the nerd part, gimpyfish is none of these, as of yet up to date.

With that in mind, let us continue.

gimpyfish is a living legend within the realm of Super Smash Brothers Melee, who has astounded and dazzled and entranced and amazed and bedazzled and, quite in many cases, befuddled many enthusiast of said video game. To date, he is one of the few users of Bowser, a bottom-tier character, with such scintillating skill and mesmerizing mindgames that it causes many people who either see him, play him, or lose to him exclaim that he is "way too good" with a character of many crippling weaknesses. Yet, even with his L337 (1337) abilities, he has, until recent events, stuck with the character that few are able to use. At all.

His next magnanimous achievement that made him even greater was to research Super Smash Brothers Brawl and, rather than with-hold the mystical knowledge, he, like Prometheus, brought down the fire of Brawl knowledge down to the huddling masses yearning to learn what was in Brawl, and there was much rejoicing as the fire (not to be confused with the fire, which he is) of this knowledge spread like wildfire across the board. Myth even has it that gimpyfish is able to drink down Coca Cola much like water is guzzled by mortals.

Despite his aura of awesomeness that could only be described as being over 9000, he is many other things such as affable and approachable, few things that other living legends are.

He also has innovated a mind-shattering technique with his Bowser, known only known as the gimpyfish combo, where one manages to totally pwn an opponent with a Bowser f-smash, a considerable feat. Currently the only one known so far to perform this incredible technique, besides a few elite Smashers and Chuck Norris, is gimpyfish himself...awesomeness ensues.
You just played like gimpyfish - a statement that could only be described as 50% falsehood, 50% BS, 50% WTF and 150% lie.

Wow...couldn't gimpyfish get any more awesome? - A basic statement/question that could only be answered with a candid "Yes"

I lost because I played gimpyfish - A statement that could only be considered an excuse, albeit somewhat justified. Nevertheless, one is justified to respond with "NO JOHNS! LOL"

I just used the gimpyfish combo! - A statement that only few are justified in saying.

I can't play as well like gimpyfish - A statement that, with very, Very, VERY few exceptions...is true.
by A gimpyfish admirer April 21, 2008
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