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A very diverse, culturally rich, revolutionary and resilient people. People who live on the largest and most beautiful island in the Caribean sea. Once settled by Caribs, Tainos, and Ciboney Amerindian tribes before the arrival of the Spanish in the 1400's. The Spanish, with inter-marriage, diseases and warfare killed off most of the native population and brought African captives to farm the fertile land on the island. Cuba is the birth place of the Conga; brought by Africans, the Cigar; first made by the Ciboney Indianof Cuba, and Cuba Son; which was popularized in the 1950's after the Cuban revolution in New York, and later adopted as the music of Caribean neighbor Puerto Rico who now claims the music as their own, called "salsa".
Cuba is the only communist country in the western hemisphere, and has suffered an embargo by the Unites States since it's 1950's treaty with the then Soviet Union. Despite the embargo China and Venezuela manage to find ways of shipping medical supplies to the island although most medical technologies (machines to battle cancer, ect.) are prohibited from being exported there. Cubans have been ruled by the longest serving dictator of the modern age. During the Spanish-American War, Cuban, Philippine and American rebels fought the Spanish for independence. Puerto Rico was seized by the U.S., the Philippines and Cuba continued to fight the American Empire for independence and are independently governed countries today.
Speaker 1: I had no idea Cubans actually created what is called "Salsa". I thought Puerto Ricans made that!

Speaker 2: Well, they have been making it ever since Cuba has been a victim of genocide by the Americans.

Speaker 1: Wow, you sound pretty revolutionary!

Speaker 2: Most of my people are.
by A free Cuba January 26, 2010

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