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The Shame is a hard animal to classify. While many of its features resembly roughly those of a human, its intelligence is approximately that of a dog. For this reason, scientists have decided to classify it as a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). The Shame has large callouses on its hands because of its constant use of its calculator. It will attend Miami University assuming the school doesn't discover its debated status. It aspires to one day be its sister.
Dude...Fucking The Shame just used its calculator to figure out 10+2...Fucking The Shame
by A Phimp Son October 10, 2006
The Shame, in the literal sense

In other senses, a bitch may be defined as:

1. A female dog
2. A prostitute/slovenly woman
3. A woman who is rude/mean
4. Temporarily, and female on her period

However, The Shame is and always will be the number one bitch
Dude...Fucking The Shame is such a bitch...I hate her so much
by A Phimp Son October 16, 2006

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