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When a Black person attacks someone for being White, and they then find out that the White person is also part of another race after the victim of reverse racism informs that narrow-minded person.

For example, a black person calls me a cracker and I'm White, but I then tell him I'm also part Native American with evidence to prove it. Therefore, I am TWO races and then I can use both races against the attacker (antagonist). This may not be the most progressive action to take as a solution, but is definitely a good answer that can counter this problem known as reverse racism.
Double-Reverse Racism is definitely hard to explain, but it also helps to match the growing rate of reverse racism taking place by minorities against whites. Other combinations can also be used, though YOU MUST BE part of that other race in order to do so. They include White and part Hispanic, White and part Asian, White and part Arabic, and of course White and part Native American/Indian.
by A Mixed-Blood Indian December 16, 2004

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