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When a person uses the Internet as his bitch, accomplishing, either on purpose or by accident, one of the following:
1. People say, "Oh, we love you, (name goes here)" for any reason other than agreeing with something awesome the person says (i.e. giving pity props).
2. People say, "Wow, look at this (name goes here). He/she sure is one independent fella/chick. He/she sure is unique. Look at how obvious it is. I wish I could be more like him/her." Damn I hate that.
1. Post:'My friends all hate me, but I still hang with them, even though they're awful people, because I'm so great.'
Response: "Oh man, we love you Peabody."
2. Post: 'So, I'm sitting in my room listening to depressing death-rock when it hits me that I am the only person that ever felt this way ever, and even though it's a major burden on my soul, I can handle it because I'm JUST THAT COOL.'
Response: "Oh man, that Peabody really has it together. What an independent and innovative individual. I wish I was more like Peabody."
by A Leg Too Many November 09, 2004

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