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1. One of the best Raido shows every to grace the air waves. this radio show was the starting point for the book, haveing slighty differnt plot lines which aren't in the book and certently not the movie.

2. The greastest trilogy of five, and possibly the most confusingly random books in exsitants. some part from the raido show have either been removed or changed drasticly when changing oer to the book.

3. *issing important parts*
1.zaphoid: I like those two black headrest things
Trillion: i didn't there mighty uncomfurtible, and i prefer longer arms
arthur: but it won't have a mouth to drink the coffie!
Ford: I think it just scratched it's leg
Trillian: those headrests look like eyebrows!

2. ^ the previous never happens in the book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

3. they don't even get to milliways.
by A Hooloovoo July 25, 2006

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