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2 definitions by A Guy Who Knows Things

A band formed in the late 1980s by lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt, and drummer John Kiffmeyer. After their first album, Kiffmeyer left, and drummer Tre Cool joined, cementing the lineup.

The band first became famouse in the early-mid 90s due to their independant albums 39/Smooth and Kerplunk. The success was improved upon with 1994's Dookie and 1995's Insomniac. Subsequent albums Nimrod and Warning were less successful, though they yielded popular songs such as Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) and Minority

Though their popularity began to sag, the band came back with the multiplatinum 2004 'Punk Rock Opera' American Idiot, which detailed the story of the Jesus of Suburbia, St. Jimmy, and Whatsername as they navigate the waters of Bush-Era America. The album was both critically and commercially successful, and spawned a profitable world tour.

The band's next release came in 2009, 21st Century Breakdown. Similar to American Idiot in concept, the album varied in style and was praised for its diversity. Like the previous album, it's a 'Punk Rock Opera', following two 20somethings, Christian and Gloria.

Music Elitists that don't actually know what they're talking about like to use Green Day as an example of a band that is a sellout because they signed to a major label. Obviously someone doesn't remember The Clash in 1977.
Guy 1: Hey man, I got Green Day tickets, want to come?
Guy 2: Screw that man, Green Day sucks, they're not punk.
Guy 1: Elaborate.
Guy 2: Well man, y'know, girls think Billie Joe is cute, and like, they sold out, and...and they did an acoustic song and they just suck.
Guy 1: You're an idiot. Hey dude, Green Day tickets, up for it?
Guy 3: Hell yeah!
by A Guy Who Knows Things May 18, 2009
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A somewhat uncommon name for a male. Introverted, but hides it behind a disarming extroverted exterior. Intelligent, but doesn't always use his intelligence for the best purposes. Occupies a privileged position of (self-appointed?) superiority that makes him (often unfairly) critical of others.

Skin deep, a lover of classic films and cult hits alike, a music freak, a theater geek, and a writer. Likes black and goth and metal apparel. Has long hair, kept as neatly as possible on good days. Is of average attractiveness. Perhaps somewhat above-average.

Past the first layer is a persona concocted primarily to keep distance between himself and others. Superior, abrasive, arrogant, caustic, and vaguely unpleasant in a general sense. This means that most people don't get too close, but those that do are worth befriending.

Deeper still lurks a person ruled by contradictions. A dark romantic who believes in multiple true loves, but also is haunted by the fear that no one will ever fit just right. Paradoxically a possessor of both a superiority and inferiority complex. A liberal fountain of advice on all matters of love and life, but cannot take his own advice well. Advocates free expression, but probably couldn't even tell someone that he loves them without coaxing.

In short, a very interesting person with far too many issues. Will one day be a very happy and successful person, if he can find the right person to be happy for.
Guy 1: Damn, Blake is one messed up dude.
Guy 2: Yeah, little bit, but he's cool enough, I guess.
by A Guy Who Knows Things June 07, 2010
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