1 definition by A Good Muslim

1.) A fascist state ruled by a family of despots that uses Islam to defend itself and its ridiculous policies.
Unfortunately, this evil family happens to reign over the land where Islam was founded and two of the holiest Islamic sites.

2.) President Bush's best friend

3.) A dictatorship that un-Islamically abuses women, like it un-Islamically does everything else. Ironically, this country justifies their stupidity with the Holy Quran, which means that this monarchy's royal family are all damned and doomed to hell.

4.) Home to Osama bin Laden, who, like his fellow noblemen and royals in Saudi Arabia, is a nutcase damned and doomed to hell.

5.) An enemy to Islam; an enemy to democracy; an enemy to freedom.
The biggest threat to the United States, Saudi Arabia also happens to be a root cause of suffering in the Islamic world today.
by A Good Muslim December 03, 2004

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