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Punk budget rockers The Zen Circus. (c) (12 January, 2009 ABC Hobart) Well that was how the local press saw them.

Me: Consisting of 4 Italian guys. Simply by watching them perform you can see that they are in it for the pleasure. I am sure if asked they would agree that money is important yet watch and you see these guys are there for more than them self.

In 2008 they released a CD called Villa Inferno which they made following the guidance of Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes)

All 13 tracks are brilliant in their unique way.

(1) Dead Penfriend hypnotises you, you wont even notice your hand as your fingers grip the volume knob and up it goes, just a little. As the song progresses your hand is at it again until by songs ends, your at full volume.

The only disappointment I had over this band is I had to source their CDs from Italian sellers in places like eBay Italy.

Doctor Seduction (2004) and The Zen Cricus Visited By The Ghost Of Blind Willy Lemon. (2001) Well worth my effort.

Yet you are exempt from that effort as instead why not take a You Tube experience. Then part with your cash. Thank me later.

I have one closing thought. The Zen Circus. Please come back.
by A Fan but not a dead one January 07, 2011

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