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One of the best songs ever made, by Radiohead on their second album The Bends. Full of genius chord progressions and catchy lyrics and a drum beat that makes you feel like you're tripping on acid.


The music video is equally genius; it features the song playing with an ordinary man who one day lays down in the middle of the sidewalk. The dialogue is muted because of the track so there are only subtitles. The man refuses to tell anyone why he is on the ground until near the end of the song, saying that it would be dangerous to tell them why. When he does tell them, however, the subtitles go out and we only hear the song and his unsynched lips. Everyone else then proceeds to fall and lay on the sidewalk with him. Note: Radiohead has not yet stated what the man said, and it is doubtful that they ever will. It's up to the viewer.
Man, did you see Radiohead play Just at Saitama, Japan? That has to be one of their best live performances yet!
by A Fake Plastic Tree June 13, 2009
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