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The kindest, sweetest girl you will ever meet. Savannahs have got it all -- brilliant mind, perfect body, gorgeous eyes, and always are multi-talented. Savannahs are a rare find. To find a Savannah is one of the luckiest things a person can do. The only catch is that one must first gain the trust of a Savannah, which takes time and loving patience. But once one does earn the respect and trust of a Savannah, one is destined to be in love with that Savannah for the rest of their life. Of course, who could blame them? Savannahs are the funniest, the most patient, and the most loving creatures on the planet. If one encounters a Savannah, it is a good idea to get acquainted, as it may well be the best decision one could ever make in their entire life.
Person 1: Do you hear that beautiful voice? Oh my goodness, that's that pretty girl singing?! Wow, those are two qualities of my ideal woman!

Person 2: Oh, her! Yeah, she's really polite and really kindhearted, too. I guess she's a Savannah.
by A Dict. Ex. of Da Finer Life June 28, 2012

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