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Leader-J.Gory (the moron)
Followers:Snatcher2047 (the incompetent administrator), RobCon, dlomyhero, Justin Cousineau, Hellz (the incompetent moderator), dgener8n X, Darren, & Captain Bully (some G-lution idiot no one knows), GoryGirl (the raging slut of the group), & AntDogs (the honorary G-lution enabler)
And, there you have it, the idiocy that makes up Gorylution. Just remember, you NEVER want to be associated with these people. ANY message board they occupy WILL be left in ruins. They also don't like the honest, mature, & intelligent board members. So, in the end, for future reference, Gorylution is humanity's proof that primitive life still exists. If there's anything else you want to know about them, you'll learn it after seeing them hard @ work.

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