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Slang for the perscription drugs Percocet or Percodan, which is an opiate or painkiller, commonly used recreationally for its euphoric effect.
Ironically, Percocet is an opiate, which is a nervous system depressant, and the slang term perc cannot be verbally distinguished from perk, which means to make more alert or active.
I just popped a couple percs my doctor gave me for my back pain.

His dealer said percs were going for $1.50 a pill.
by A Clockwork Orange October 24, 2006
To smoke and leave undetected in an otherwise public or non-smoking area.
"I ninja smoked some weed in the McDonald's bathroom, bought a Big Mac, and left."

"I had a cigarette in the library the other day, crouching behind the children's books."

"We ninja smoked a bowl behind the supermarket just before someone took out the trash."
by A Clockwork Orange October 23, 2006

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