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16 definitions by A Breed of Sushi

It is a state of mind where one can become under the influence of pure stupidity, without the use of a substance. It usually strikes without warning after 9 pm during sleepovers.
Nick: "Bill, I feel a stupid high coming..."
Bill: "Wait...what? Why in a valley would a sound 'muust etcho'?"
Nick: "I dunno but I adore deli wraps!"
by A Breed of Sushi January 22, 2009
7 14
used to describe a new hair cut that is quite fresh, or more specifically describing someone with a nicely-done shape-up.
Dude, you are laced up! Look at that hair line!
A: Hey Kevin, hows it like being laced up?
B: Pretty sweet, Nick.
by A Breed of Sushi January 30, 2008
58 72