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noun - ('jak-as)

1. a donkey (esp. male)

2. a fool, a stupid person (esp. a man)

3. a person (esp. a man) who, through an action, tries to show superiority, dominance, authority, precedence, or supremacy in any way, (including any form of the following, but not limited to: haughtiness, belittling another for one's own gain, and a boastful displaying of wealth, intelligence, physical strength/endurance/balance, refinement, and/or power) but, through performing the action successfully or unsuccessfully, displays the opposite of that which he intended

4. a person (esp. a man) who experiences no shame or embarrassment for any action he commits, regardless of the outlandishness of the action

5. a person (esp. a man) who purposefully displays actions of a bizarre, or extravagantly abnormal in order to seek attention
1. Equus asinus is commonly known as a jackass, especially if it has a penis.

2. "My husband can't use an oven-timer."
"What a jackass."

3. "Some fat soccer-mom tried to tell me her son was better than mine at my son's game, just as my son scored a goal; her son was the goalie!"
"What a bitch!"
"Yeah, I called her a jackass. She didn't say a word, because she knew I was right."

4. Brandon Cole Margera is such a jackass.

5. "Last week, he went streaking through the quad, then on Monday, he hung a HUGE flag with a picture of his face off of the roof on the side of the dining hall, and today he tried to start a flashmob during halftime!"
"What a jackass!"
by A A Torrarfa January 22, 2013

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