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someone who is mentally challenged as well as racist. We all know what retarted means. and i am sure most of you have seen the very asian racist Wii comercials, where the yellow skinned, pointy eyed japanease people say with a very obviously fake japanease accent "wii would like to play" while giving a stiff bow with hands folded in a very asian like way.

conrad: hey look i can speek mexican!!! "Taco burrito chihuahua gracias gracias!" duuurrrr
Jordan: conrad, you are Wii-tarded!
conrad: Look im asian! "Ching ching bing bing king kong sing song ring rong
ping pong tsiau mtsiau ntsiau mitsubishi honda toyota toshiba ding ding ding"
Jordan: Conrad, you are almost embarrasingly Wii-tarded
by A$hley Jacobs December 07, 2007
An adgective denouncing something that smells very atrocious such as 2 girls 1 cup. Can also be an adjective used to describe something not very smart such as cone-rado. It can also be used as a synonym for ugly.
Jordan: WOW Conrad smells so bad!! he smells FETUS BAD!!!
Conrad: I smell fetus bad!

Jordan: Conrad's very fetus when it comes to having a life.

Jordan: Oh my gawd! look at the fetus guy over there
Scion: yeah, that's conrad...hes as ugly as a mug
by A$hley Jacobs December 07, 2007

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