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The result of the rich combination of one's feces with the wonderful scent of lisol.
After Aaron took the dump of the century, he decided to add a touch of lisol disinfectant spray to create the rich scent of shitsol, which would further spread into the common room.
by 928 Projectile October 12, 2009
A an african american pornstar that commonly stars in many of today's sleezy porn vids, starring young and horny white women from the age of 25-40. Before any actual action, the viewer gets to listen to Big's well thought out jokes about how he will 'blow his load' and make use of his 14 inch monster cock with yet another rising pornstar. Big's sense of self worth and self esteem both rest in his massive penis that has become his primary means of income and survival. Sadly, his seduction and communication skills with other women also rest in this overlly developed penis of his.
Big stuffed his veiny 14 inch 'monster cock' into Syphylis Susan as he grunted with utter satisfaction.
by 928 Projectile August 24, 2009
The art of increasing your stamina not only through pure strenuous workouts, but also by the act of any form of sexual intercourse, including pelvic thrusting, bear-humping, tea-bagging, queefing, and of course all other sexual positions.
"Hey Kate you going to Jazzercise with me tonight?"

"Oh no you silly cunt Im going to Jizzercise! You get laid AND you get a workout! They even show you how to get work outs from simply queefing upside down!"

"Hell girly Ill go with you! Fill my butt with spermmm!"
by 928 Projectile December 08, 2009

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