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An individual whos lips are in the constant puckered state as if waiting for a straw to be inserted.
Bro, dont do that you look like a fuckin elwood.
#pursed #lips #straw #suck #drink
by 911 and Cali August 27, 2009
A Chief Brownthumb is a person who has 'thumbed' another human's rectum and left with a small secretion or hershey's kiss on the thumb or thumbnail.
Man, I just Chief Brownthumbed that girl.
#brownthumb #butt #poop #anal #plug #indian
by 911 and Cali August 26, 2009
The brown or oddly tinted skin surrounding the butthole.
When a person does not properly wipe their anus on a consistant basis and over a period of time, the unattended area develops into a darkened ring of fire.
#poop #anus #fire #ring #fungus
by 911 and Cali August 26, 2009
When performing anal sex, when the male pulls out and feces is coagulated on the tip of the penis, the male then wipes the coagulated feces on the inside of the female's buttcheeks. When the female discovers the disposed of coagulated feces on the inside of her underwear, it is known as an incisor hershiser.
See above to know about the incisor hershiser.
#anal sex #feces #underwear #fuckshit #fecal matter
by 911 and Cali August 26, 2009
When an overweight individual produces fecal matter and is not able to sufficiently wipe the affected area, it leaves an unattended area of skipped fecal matter also known as 'skip plate'.
See above definition of skip plate.
#fecal matter #toilet paper #skip #anus #poop
by 911 and Cali August 26, 2009
And onion-ring sized ring of pubic hair that accumulates on the circumference of the female anus hole.
Try imagining the way planetary rings circle a planet. Like Saturn, but instead in the form of the Lord of the Onion Ring.
#onion ring #anus #pubic hair #ring #shaving
by 911 and Cali August 26, 2009
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