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The day George Bush truly fucked us over. Funny how 1 prior to the attacks we were buddies with the Al Qaeda, how we funded them 6 billion dollars in the 80's - early 90's then blame the Muslim Religion. The "Confession Tape" was complete bullshit, 1. he was wearing a gold ring which is forbidden in Muslim religion, and 2. he signed a note and kept gesturing with his right hand, when with a little research, anyone with common sense will know he is LEFT HANDED.

Fact is, 9/11 was staged by our very own U.S government and very little Americans want to believe it. Simply go on youtube and watch the twin towers fall yourselves, they fell straight down like a planned demolition bombing, if u look slightly below the main part where it's falling you will see yourself the small explosions right below it, explosives planted in the twin towers. On youtube watch the documentary "Loose Change" it will change your view on 9/11 forever.

People fail to see how much 9/11 benefited the Bush administration. First and foremost it gave them an excuse to attack Afghanistan, supposedly looking for Osama Bin Laden when the CIA watched him on dialysis in '98 when he was top ten for the FBI. Next, now that Bush had some americans fooled that middle east was evil, it gave him an excuse to attack Iraq, for weapons that weren't even there, yeah he has chemical weapons, but we sold him that shit after Ronald Raegon's election. All those wars are about is oil and expanding the American empire, oh don't forget about Cheny's plans to put his own personal pipelines through Afghanistan. But it don't stop there, we can't forget about the Patriot Act which is just an excuse to arrest anyone that speaks against the Bush Administration (Sounds like a dictatorship to me!)

Wake up people, 9/11 wasn't a terrorist attack, it was planned and staged carefully by the U.S government and used as a pathetic excuse to kill innocent people in the middle east, hate the Muslim religion, and expand the American empire.
The New World Order was born on September 11th, 2001. 9/11
by 9/11planned July 25, 2009
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