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The coolest dude on earth. He killed more people than anybody else. Even so he doesn't get half the credit that he deserves. Hitler gets it all the credit. Hitler, compared to Stalin, was a flower painting loose pussy. He was obsessed with half measures, like targeting specific religions, Stalin targeted all religions. Stalin targeted people from all walks of life and often killed people, or sent them to the Gulags to die for no reason. That is fucking awsome. Stalin was fortunate enough to be attacked by Germany and conquor much of eastern Europe. He put those countries under harsh and corrupt rule, like any dictator who knows what he's doing would. People compare President Bush to Hitler, which is much closer than comparing him to Stalin. Stalin moved his country forward and kept the country unified. How did he keep the country unified? He killed the bastards!! That's the way to do it! Hitler was much to concerned with the war and too obsessed with sucking his man lover's dick to kill his own people. Stalin shot his own wife(and probably T-bagged her too). Stalin was teh pwnage and the most 1337 dude ever.
Hitler: I like painting flowers, but my fucking Jew art teacher says I suck so i have to suck his penis to pass. so Im going to kill all the Jews one day.

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