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A metal band from the 80s. Call them hair if you like, but unlike Twisted Sister they never dressed in drag. Mostly died with the downfall of the hair metal scene, but they're a band that are still on the headbanger's radar. Or they were, until Kevin DuBrow checked out on a cocaine overdose in his Las Vegas house in 2007.

Known mainly for their mega-hit "Cum On Feel The Noize" and their #1 album 'Metal Health', Quiet Riot were much like Dokken - one of the most underrated bands out there. Kevin DuBrow's great vocals helped but his songwriting didn't; however Frankie Banali was one of the best drummers on the LA scene back then. Rudy Sarzo was a good bassist and Carlos Cavazo was also a great guitarist.

Headbangers and metalheads worldwide will however know them for songs like 'Metal Health' - the number one headbanger anthem - 'Slick Black Cadillac', 'Mama Weer All Crazee Now', 'Love's A Bitch' as well as 'Cum On Feel The Noize'. One less well known song was 'Danger Zone' which could shake a house down but didn't make it past the demo stage.

Their biggest achievement was Metal Health; not only did it hit number 1 in 1983 but it also made its mark as the first ever metal album to do so.

I'm a fan of Quiet Riot.
Quiet Riot were responsible for the classic headbanger's anthem - Metal Health.

I got the boys
To make the noise
Won't ever let up, hope it annoys you!
Join the pack
Fill the crack
Well now you're here, there's no way back!

Bang your head!!
Metal health'll drive you mad
Bang your head!!
Metal health'll drive you mad
by 80sMetalForLife June 11, 2009

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