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there are 2 types of conservatives. There are gun slinging rednecks with no education and there are rich, greedy corporate executives who destroy our economy, monoplize all of the wealth and try to corrupt our politicians. The second type believes that the working class should starve and die while the rich should enjoy HUGE fucking tax cuts. However most type 2 conservatives are also poorly educated and watch nascar and believe that only pure aryan protestants should be allowed to live in the U.S.
George bush is a conservative tight wad that is obsessed with nascar,helping out his already wealthy friends who own Halliburton and believes that it is acceptable to use religion as a basis for our government.
by 8===D----(l) April 21, 2011
All of you have it totally wrong. Please realize that only a small minority of the muslim population on this planet are radical muslims while the vast majority of them are moderate. Most Muslims don't hate Christians or Jews and are not terrorists. And if you think for one second that all Muslims are terrorists or that they all hate Jews and Christians you're an ignorant nazi fat fascist shit for brains. I'd like you all to know that there are radical fundamentalist Muslims who opress women and swear to wipe America and Israel off the face of the Earth. But at the same time, there are also radical fundamentalist Christians and Jews. Chassidic Jews are quite radical. They are very hypocritical in the sense that they think that they are superior to everyone else just because they are Jewish which is basically what the Nazis did. the Nazis believed that they were biologically superior to everyone else and that is exactly what some Jewish people think, especially Chassidic Jews. So basically they would be Neo-Nazis accept for the fact that they are Jewish. Keep in mind also that almost all of the Muslims who live in America today came here to escape political corruption and the radical views of some muslims. Not so they can force their beliefs onto everyone or destroy America. So think twice before you descriminate against Muslim Americans. And no, I myself am not Muslim. I am actually Orthodox Jewish.
I am muslim and live in Iran. I don't feel comfortable with our political leaders. They are very corrupt, and they force radical muslims beliefs onto everyone and encourage the minimization of women and give hate speach about Christians and Jews. This place is infested with hate and terrorism, so I choose to move to America. The political situation here is much more stable, it is much safer, women are not degraded and raped, homosexuals are not killed by hate groups, I am free to worship as I please and I appreciate the fact that here in America, radical Islam is not encouraged and I am allowed to be a moderate Muslim.
by 8===D----(l) April 19, 2011
Exactly what the u.s. needs. But unfortunately various greedy, conservative politicians brainwash society into thinking that socialism is wrong, when really it would benefit the majority of Americans. And no socialism is not by any means fascism. Keep in mind that socialism is an economic system, not a form of government. In fact, socialism is the exact opposite of fascism. you can think of it as taking democracy to the next level. Because if your form of government is already a democracy-(which most socialist countries are) and you have a socialist economic system, not only do you allow freedom of speech and the right to elect representatives into office but you allow your people to decide over certain aspects of the economy. because the government controls all business and the government is controlled by the people, the people have a say in the price of certain goods and services, as well as the salaries of certain occupations. Plus socialism taxes people based on how much they earn and uses the revenue to provide everyone with really nice benefits.
I live in a socialism country. If I am handicaped, it won't be a huge pain in the ass to accquire social security benefits. I have decent pension funds from my job and I will be able to retire at a reasonable age. My health care is payed for mostly by the government and my entire country excels in public education. I enjoy free public transportation and a nice house. The rich have no more political power than I do and they aren't able to monopolize all of the wealth and fuck up the economy for everyone else.
by 8===D----(l) April 21, 2011
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