3 definitions by 767 fs pilot

1)One of the most popular foods in the US 2) A slice of hell that if you eat too soon after removing it from the oven will burn the crap out of your whole mouth.
1) Clay: Omg I just LOVE pizza, it has to be the best food ever!
2) I just burnt my mouth on pizza, it hurts...bad FML
by 767 fs pilot July 30, 2009
Another way to say Juice with jew in it.
Can we get some jewice in here?
by 767 fs pilot August 09, 2009
1) Short for Runecrafting in the MMORPG Runescape.
2) One of the most horrid, terrible, and overall deadly slow skill in Runescape, but also know for its quick money making.
1) Person1: Clay is gona go for 99 RC. Person 2: Dude he is crazy!
by 767 fs pilot July 30, 2009

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