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The Felling you get after reading this:

It was our school dance tonight and I wanted to look as pretty as ever, hopefully to impress my crush. I spent 2 full hours in my bed room putting on the PERFECT dress and making my hair and my makeup look absolutely gorgeous.

When I finally arrived at the dance I could not help but stare at my crush. He looked so amazing in his suit. I started to dance until I caught my crushes eyes. He watched me shake my booty, then slowly started to make his way over.

"I never knew you could dance like that," he said and grabbed me around the waist. I kept shaking my butt against him while he kept his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I started to feel a bulge in his pants and he started moaning and grabbing me harder while he dry fucked me in the ass.
I stopped and he moaned desperately.

"Come with me" he said. He took me by the hand and let me outside into the boys locker room. I could see his pants almost about to rip apart. I walked up to him slowly and stood there for a second making deep eye contact, and he towards me started passionately making out with me, trying to get all of me. "Oh Alex..." I moaned getting horny. "Mmmm."
My hands slipped into his pants and i could already feel some precum. He smiled and pushed me down. I slipped off his pants and started making out with his lovely 9in dick with him pushing my head into it. I grabbed his balls with one hand and his butt with the other. I swirled my tongue around his shaft and on the tip. His mouth was quivering and I started to gag when he pushing my head in farther. Then, he stopped pushing me and I slammed him into a locker kissing again. His ripped off my clothes and pushed me to the floor. I shivered in joy when one finger slowly slipped inside of me. He lowered himself down and starting making out with my clit. He sucked and nipple and it felt so good. I was moaning and me toes were curling up. "Give to me." I moaned.

He got on top of me then and started shallow fucking me. But it wasn't enough "MORE" I cried. "Harder" He started thrusting hard and fast. I felt it all go in and I orgasm and felt his hot cum inside me and I screamed so loud Alex had to kiss me once more to force me to be quiet. "OH GOD!! Alex!! Fuck me! Fuck me!" He moaned and squeeze my butt "You're so MHMMM, oh god its amazing". Just seeing his huge dick ram into me. sparks of joy flew through me

horny :)
by 74janyell May 10, 2012

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