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1. n., Any whiney, emoesque boy who is under the illusion of being what others term as "badass." Frequently cross-dresses, despite stating he is against the idea. Has no idea what love is, and will never find out due to his self-centeredness. Obsessed with Misery.
2. n., An abusive user; narcissist asshole who uses his daughter as a shield
3. adj., emoesque; very annoying; rather deserving of death
4. interj., To forget what one was going to say.
1. He looked in the mirror at himself, robed in horrid red plaid, and wept like a SalvTom because he wanted someone to feel sorry for him.
2. Verb left Salvtom because he hit him... more than once.
3. "You're such a freaking SalvTom. >.> SHUT UP."
4. "And then, thenthenthen-- Ohhh, SALVTOM."
by 70\/312 July 24, 2010

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