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Having a joint (marijuana cigarette) at noon. (Similar to "wake n bake" or "steam n dream".)
Dude1: "We should totally meet up at noon in that cool park we found!"

Dude2: "F*ck Yeah!! Well have a mid-day-jay!"
by 678 D-team June 23, 2011
Smoking marijuana before going to sleep, to receive a bodacious feeling in the morning after have the best sleep of ones life. (Opposite of "Wake n Bake")
Dude1: "Yo, man. What do we do? Steam n Dream or Wake n Bake?"
Dude2: "Definitely Steam n Dream man. You wake up feeling all bodacious!"
by 678 D-team June 23, 2011
Smoking the "herb" before having lunch to be able to truly enjoy your meal.
Dude1: "Where do we get our Lunchies Munchies today?"

Dude2: "At KFsizzle bro!"
by 678 D-team June 23, 2011
Jamaican Roulette is a game invented by the "678 D-team" in 2011. It involves the herbal substance, cannabis. A nugget of Marijuana is placed randomly somewhere inside a joint or blunt (by a "non-partaking" member) the rest is filled with normal tobacco. The next step is to have 2 - 4 participants that smoke the joint or blunt until someone hits the nugget. The person who hits the nugget is considered the looser, but wins in his own way.
Person1: Like to party?
Person2: F**K YEAH, lets play Jamaican Roulette!!!!
by 678 D-team May 10, 2011
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