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1. a female who likes to engage in the ancient art of fisting with other women.

2. the act of fisting your female sibling.

3. an order of nuns devoted to fisting

1. watch out for that chick, i hear she's a fister sister

2. A: i often like to fister sister
B: you mean, fist a sister?
A: same thing dickhead

3. she is a sister of the fister religion.
by 60 2nd squire January 05, 2009
a sexual manouvre so controversial, so vile, so gut-wrenchingly disturbing that it cannot be explained on this website. it makes felching look like having tea with you grandma. it makes 2 girls 1 cup look like a couple of frigid nuns.

they do not sell this at wendys
she was giving me the shits so i gave her a purple milkshake. that shut her up.
eg to a partner/sibling/child as a form of discipline: "if you're going to behave like that i'm going to be forced to give you a purple milkshake"
by 60 2nd squire December 08, 2008
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