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A really cool religion, because if you follow it then you can go around raping, beating, and killing people, and as long as you confess your sins at the end of the day and repent you'll go to heaven!!!!!
I masturbate fifteen times a day, but I'm going to heaven because I tell God that I love him after I'm done!
by 5th column May 04, 2003
A city in western Massachusetts, pop. 160,000. Home of:

- Basketball

- Volleyball (invented in Holyoke, a Springfield suburb)

- Dr. Seuss

- Indian Motorcycles

- The Springfield Armory (stocked the US military with rifles since before the US Civil War up until 1967, when it was converted to a vocational/technical community college).

- The Springfield Indians AHL hockey team, whose claim to fame was that Snoop Dogg wore their jersey at the end of the Gin and Juice video (or "What's My Name?", I can't remember).

- And presumably more stuff that I can't think of right now.

Lots of Puerto Ricans live there now.
"Of all the cities that I have ever had the opportunity to spend time in, Springfield is definitely one of them."
-Learned wise man.
by 5th Column February 28, 2004
To tug on something.
Yank on this line, sailor.
by 5th Column May 01, 2003
A canadian.
"Frost back" is to Canada, as "Wetback" is to Mexico.
by 5th Column May 31, 2003
An econobox, NOT a race car. It will always be an economy car, no matter how loud your exhaust is, or how big your spoiler is, or how many stickers you plaster to the side of it.
Person 1: Dude, you just got your ass beat in a drag race by a fuckin' Hummer!

Person 2: It's not my fault... I'm driving a Civic

"I could out-race a Civic in my 1994 Cavalier four-banger, even if I were towing my mom's 1990 Buick Century wagon behind it."
by 5th Column May 04, 2003
1. A fast food restaurant that serves fattening food. This place is one of the reasons why so many kids are so fat these days.

2. Where Schteve will work when he grows up.
Schteve: (Australian accent) Wudja like fries with that, muh'te?
by 5th Column May 30, 2003
Honda killer.
Wow, my '94 Chevy Cavalier four-cyl. that I bought for $1500 just smoked that overpriced, over-rated '99 Civic with the oversized wing on the back!
by 5th Column May 12, 2003

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