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Where your school district sends you for stuff like Possession of Drugs, Fighting, Possession of a weapon, truancy, outside felonies, or Incorrigalbe conduct whatever the fuck that is. Where im chillin right now.
They sent me to Alternative school, fuck it man the work is easy, the food is good, and the people are cool. Im chillin.
by 40 and a blunt January 12, 2010
Abbreviation of Skate Krew: A bunch of Poser-ass 4 foot tall white boys in north houston. Pretend to be Ganstas and shit. Will usually gang up on you in groups of 10. Very few of them are real-ass mothafuckas, hated by anybody real as well as the Jugalos.

Started by the King brothers.
by 40 and a blunt January 12, 2010

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