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An exorbitantly over-priced shit hole of a restaurant located on the corner of 4th and Pine St. in Jamestown NY. Owned by a pompous, senile, and downright unpleasant crazed man affected by severe PTSD, MacDuff's is infamous for catering to approximately 50 gullible, senile, and rich old people annually, as well as being one of the greater rip-offs in the western hemisphere. No one likes the place, except those whose brains have become victim to severe atrophy and are lured into the establishment by the aforementioned owner's domineering demeanor. MacDuff's is one of those places that would be better off not existing, along with the assface of an owner.
Hey, what smells like rotten fish, death, cold cream, and napalm???

Oh, it's only MacDuff's. You get used to it after a while.
by 3rd St. Cowboy May 24, 2010

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