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Spey is a shortened version of Respect. Respect, originalilly cut down to spect, and eventually spey. Spey comes from the latin word spe, spetis--meaning hope. Spey is swiftering across the nation sprouting from St. Louis, to various regions of the midwest, Florida, and Boston.
"Oh my God, dude Jimmy remember that faggot from lacrosse camp? Wow, he just walked into Forever 21."

"Oh that's brutal, no spey for him or his green crocs."

A failing student needs a 100% on his Calculus test to pass, and after correctly completing all but one question, the student is stumped on the last one. After spending a good twenty minutes thinking about this problem, (and alternate options upon expulsion if he got it wrong) the student gets it right. In celebration, the student bursts out


"Oh my god I have had such a shitty day today, I really need this chomp"

"Holy shit, no kidding, spey your pinch"

After struggling for a decade to get pregnant, a couple beginning to search adoption plans. However, after a three day getaway vacation to Las Vegas, the wife noticed she missed her period. Five months later, the wife went in for her usual check up, but on the way her water broke. After a stressful C-Section delivery, with many doubts on behalf of the infants health, the child is delivered successfully. With relief, the father says,

"Wow honey, spey your performance. Spey the boy too, I always wanted one. We shall call him Skoal."
by 314S(pey)TL April 11, 2011

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