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A congregation or social gathering of bros where sexual interaction is commonplace and practiced through broshakes, asspats, and chestbumps among other bromosexual exchanges of bromantic intercourse.
David: Hey, I think I'm going to go to that party on Snelling.
Jack: Don't! I heard it's an all out brorgy.
David: Fuck. Thanks for telling me.
by 2PakJack (not tupac) September 13, 2008
A bastardization of the "brotha shake" that expressed solidarity among black people in the civil rights movement and a result of the diffusion of hip hop to mainstream culture, the broshake is a replacement of the handshake that bros use for formal introductions or to express bromantic sentiments.
I feel so awkward at this party because all the bros keep giving me the broshake and I mess up because I don't know how to do it.
by 2PakJack (not tupac) September 13, 2008

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