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Street Pop is an art movement. It’s happening right now.

A common movement, with artwork for everyone. Toys, print runs, editions. A movement born of enjoyment. If you make it fun, you make a ton. Bright colors! Gray tones! Glow-in-the-Dark! Whatever you want! The rich and the poor are both the lucky: this movement is one from the street: graffiti is the love. Graffiti is a bad word only to those lost in the old tradition. Paint for everyone, paint for the enjoyment! For that, enjoyment, you can live your life! All things included! Lifestyles designed and available by people who want the world fun and wild!

Street Pop has love for those that love Street Pop. Street Pop is real and realistic, because it is born of the commoner, and the artist who keeps their art beautifully common : is the winner.
These new Dunny are completely street poppin, i am feeling the street pop right here.

That tag is not street pop, but that giant mural of a rabbit is. See what I'm saying? No! *punch in the face*

Kid Robot is a Street Pop generator and turnpike.

Culture Jam and Street Poppin / I've got a new way of popping and locking.
by 28th Avenue ideal August 13, 2006

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