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1 definition by 25/9Collective

The paragon of bad MMORPG. Name something you don't like in a game? Gothador has it. Slowness? It's slow. Crashes? Daily. Unfrequent upgrades? Text-mode? Sure. Chars bannd and erased? Hundreds. Expensive? More than Warcraft. Bugs? They have a longer lifetime than chars.

Create a disposable character if you want, just to put the mess in the game chat or the game forum for one hour and then switch to any other MMORPG and never ever come back to this one.
Suggestions for naming a disposable char: "DieSooty003", "DieSooty007" etc

Suggestion of messages for the game chat:
"How many new bugs today?", "Play Runescape", "Gothador game of the 1970's"
by 25/9Collective October 18, 2008