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Someone who acts dumber then they are. A moron, an idiot, generally derogatory.

Often used to convey frustration when dealing with a person that has intellectually regressed to a caveman.
Tim: Barry, I have something important to tell you, please pay attention
Barry: Wait, check this out - I think I can navigate my iphone with my nipple!
Tim: Truly extraordinary. You know what? ... You can be a real schmuck sometimes.
by 23419 July 21, 2010
Laying down flat on the toilet to pee. Usually necessary due to a boner, because you’re not sure about your aim, or you’re bored with standard peeing strategies.
- James: "I saw Zac Efron horizontal peeing in the trailer for that movie That Awkward Moment and decided to give it a try."
- Mike: "How'd it go?"
- James: "Good. I touched the water.”
by 23419 January 08, 2014
A marlin is a hot ass chick -- similar to pulling in a massive fish against all odds. Pictures are usually taken with the marlin (to share on Facebook later). A mullet is the opposite -- similar to reeling in a line and wondering how that fish ate your bait.
Daddy: "Dude! Did you see that girl I was talking to at the bar?! Marlin status."
Murray: "Marlin? Um...more like mullet. Total marlin vs. mullet confusion. I took a photo of you guys and put it on Facebook. I tagged it #thewrongkindofbigfish."
by 23419 January 28, 2014
When you put a beer bottle in your mouth, and keep your mouth wrapped around it all day.
Josh: "mhmgdfhwrmhhh (attempts to talk while drinking a beer)"

Ryan: "You know I can't hear you when you're mouth hugging."

Josh: "mmmffwrrggddsshh"
by 23419 January 16, 2014

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