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2 definitions by 23 Enigma

Because of the fact that the anatomy of a shark brain is similar to that of a human vagina, "Shark Brain" means vagina
Joe: What are you doing tonight?

Francis: Kelsy is coming over tonight and I can't wait to see her shark brain!
by 23 Enigma December 10, 2010
A praire dog is when you are taking a shit and your shit doesnt come out all the way and pops back into your ass. Similar to how a praire dog pops in and out of its holes.

The Praire dog is the poop, and your ass is the hole
Alajandro- Hey man! What's taking you so long in the bathroom?

Harold- I just had a praire dog and can't get this last piece of shit out!
by 23 Enigma December 18, 2010