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Case Western Reserve University is a school where you can have a great 4 years if you want to, or a painful four years if you only dwell on how it doesn't compare to your stereotypical college.

I had a great time at case, graduated in four years, and ended up with a high paying job (even though the career center is somewhat lacking). I also made the most of my time in college, I played sports, joined a fraternity, got involved with a couple clubs, and got to know as many people as I could. Sure there was a lot of work, and that definately got my down at times, but if you don't want an academically challenging school, then you shouldn't go to case.

So, to all the freshmen who have posted "definitions" of Case on here, the school is only what you make of it, so make the best of it!
Damn do I miss all those hot Case Western Reserve University girls!
by 2004 graduate February 15, 2005

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