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A knitted product similar to turtle neck for a woman to wear on her vagina after a fresh shave, to keep it warm during winter. Essentially a sweater for her snizz.
Basically David thought of knitting a sweater for her snizzer. Thanks to David, her snatch is nice and warm post shave on this cold winter's morn. Thanks David for all the fine camelnecks you've knitted.
by 1n1 & Fun February 08, 2011
When a girl sits naked on her back with her ass to the bed's edge and her legs up in the air. The guy stands at the foot of the bed holding her legs like ski pulls and fucks her while moving her legs back and forth while going "swish, swish, swish"
John totally ski-sloped that bitch, she was a real black diamond. It was the best ski slope this week.
by 1n1 & Fun January 24, 2011

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