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1 definition by 1A34/11

The ultimate act of brotherhood, requiring:
1 Shower
1 Loofah
Body Wash/Soap
4 or more of your best bros in the world.

Whilst naked in the shower, one bro is assisted into a handstand by two holders, who guide the first bro's legs so that they are spread with one leg on each side of the showerhead, with water flowing down onto his grundle/gouch. The fourth bro takes a soapy loofah and proceeds to scrub the first bro's grundle. A brotation must be made to ensure that all bros take equal turns holding, but in most cases one bro will be the designated cleaner. It is important to note that, while it may seem excessive, The Maneuver is NOT gay but rather the greatest expression of bromosexuality known to mankind.
David: Let's go do the maneuver!

Noah: OK, gather up the bro crew.
by 1A34/11 August 09, 2011