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1. The cat version of "roar"

2. A warning someone recieves 3 seconds before a glomp

3. Dinosaur language for "I love you" or more commonly "I'm going to eat your face"

4. An exclamation of any emotion (anger, sadness, happiness)

5. A very sexy roar

6. An exclamation used when trying to sound scary

7. A misspelling of "roar"
1. Cat: RAWR!

Human: awwww!!

Cat: *swat*

Human: *has face ripped off*

2. Friend one: RAAAWR!!

Friend two: *is glomped*

3. Dinosaur: RAWR!

Human: aw, he likes me! *has face eaten off*

4. Happy: Rawr! I am so happy!

Sadness: rawr... I suck...

Anger: RAWR!! My retarded boss just fired me!

5. Boy: rrrawr

Girl: oh you sexy beast!!

6. RAWR!! I'm going to eat you muffins!!

7. Teacher: Okay, spell "roar"

Kindergardener: r-a-w-r RAWR!
by 1996RAWR_luver<3 February 14, 2011

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