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The act of inserting a vibrator into a woman’s ass then having vaginal sex. Due to the close proximity of the vibrator and the male organ the result is a vagina that vibrates like an adult novelty toy. The most common vibrator for this act is an Easter egg with variable speed remote control. Performed as part of a specific series of acts it is known as a vegetarian delight.
When things get a little dull I like to break out the vibrating vagina for fun.
by 141 Colony December 31, 2005
A series of acts that loosen up an ass-shy woman for the vibrating vagina. Listed in order the acts are: 1) a hot bath, 2) blindfolding, 3) tossed salad, 4) anal rim job with a vibrating Easter egg.
Cathy wouldn't have any part of the vibrating vagina until I gave her a little vegetarian delight.
by 141 Colony December 31, 2005

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