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A rapper from Chicago IL. He is very talented and is concerned about the welfare and well being of those in poverty. Many of his lyrics are profound and catchy. His album called "CLassical Dirt" is off tha chain.
Oh yeah i know Blaise B. is tha bomb.
#blaise #classical dirt #chicago #hip-hop #rap
by 13th Assassin September 28, 2006
Chicago slang for a person who is alsolutley clueless about the world around them. They often spit the truth even when no one wants to hear it. A person that oftens says "No Homo" and throws up gang signs when he is walking through Brooklyn. Even though he is not a gang member. He is also a person that will suck your girlfriends clit... that is... if he does not have a girlfriend and the precise moment. Everyone should strive to be a Kwaku. Be a, Be a Kwaku homie.
I'm a Kwaku, I'm a, I'm a Kwaku homie, you can't touch the ryhmes that I spit, I might be, sucking on your girls clit if I dont have a girl...
#kwaku #attoh #new york #track and field #chicago #gangsta #gangster #crazy #loco #balla #big time shot calla #killa
by 13th Assassin November 22, 2006
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