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form of female undergarment/panties whereby the rear fabric is replaced with spaghetti string to reduce visible panty lines, and give the impression under a skirt or dress that the female is not wearing panties at all. Recently worn as bikini bottoms as exterior clothing. So named because tension on the spaghetti strap seems to be in a position to stimulate the female Graffenberg spot, aka G-spot.
Sure, the g-string on that girl shows off her ass, but look over here...gotta love a girl with guts enough to wear granny panties out to the beach.
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
1. the sexual act of following anal sex immediately with oral sex, which causes residual fecal matter to coagulate on the recipient's upper lip, resembling a Mexican handlebar moustache

2. Unexplained sexual position taught by South Park character Mr. Garrison to his kindergarten class.
(1) 'Naw, I gave that slut Jessica a Filthy Sanchez, dude, not the other way around!'
(2) 'Ike, do you know what a "Filthy Sanchez" is?'
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
An art form popular in Japan whereby a pre-teen or teen female idol poses for clothed, semi-clothed, or nude pictures in various positions and costumes. The pictures are published in magazine form, called photobooks, featuring only this female model and no others. Gravure idols feature race queens and pop idols who who to achieve celebrity by selling their images.
We don't have gravure idols in the US since girls here just post pictures on their own websites.
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
An incorrect spelling of the Japanese word "gokkun".
'Gokken? Oh, you mean "gokkun"...'
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
leetspeak for 'lamer', or one who is lame
is Morgan a ra3l gam3r? that Adam is a l4m3r
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
Snoopspeak for the term 'sh*t'
Das the shizzat, yo.
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
1. Area in front of an armed weapon (possibly automatic weapon) into which an enemy will most likely be killed were he/she to enter.

2. FPS game for the Playstation 2 console which was the first attempt to replicate the success of the XBOX console game Halo by appeasing PS2 gamers who felt left out of the Halo-craze. Killzone unfortunately did not allow for jumping and had less video resolution that the other game. Also, it was an AI-squad-based FPS rather than a true First-Person Shooter.
1. 'Ten more paces and he's in my killzone...'

2. 'Killzone's ok for the PS2, if that's all you have, but NOTHING compares to Halo.'
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005

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