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1 definition by 123yepitsme

Usually a name given to a sexy latina. BUT sometimes its given to an awkward pale girl with no commen sense. This girl as usaully a neo hippie with no sense of style. She is at her most comforatable bathed in patchuoli and sporting an unfortunate ensemble consisting of tie-dye and paisley. The off brown-yellow tinge on her teeth is enough to make one speculate that she might brush her teeth in the morning with cheddar cheese. She has a rather large forehead with nose and chin to match. Not obese but def not fit....a skinny-fat if you will. She becomes obsessed with men who say hello to her. Ever seen a girl in a bar with long un brushed hair sporting a midriff top who...lets face it should NOT.....well if you have anwered yes then you have prob seen Maria.
Jen: Ewww did you seen that awkward hippie girl in the back wearing that tattered purple skirt?

Kevin: Did she have orangutang arms, a butt chin and BO?

Jen: Yeah

Kevin: Ugh yeah thats Maria I dated her for two seconds...shes beyond weird, she tried to run over the other girl I dated after her.

Jen: Eww you dated her????

Kevin: Yeah dont ask
by 123yepitsme March 12, 2010