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when a girls cell phone goes off on vibrate you shove the entire cell phone into the girls ass. You then take your cell phone and shove it in her mouth and try and get her to have a conversation with her ass. Also called the unanswered phone call or the ass call. Should be done in little brothers bedroom late at night on top of sleeping (or possibly drugged) sibling.
Nikki's little brother was drugged off the roofies i slipped in his cola so i shoved my nokia 900 up her ass and then took her brothers razr and shoved it down her throat. then i made her talk to her ass. The little brother.
by 100%naturalflava November 18, 2006
warning this should only be attempted by hardcore christians. this involves taking a stake in the shape of the cross and wrapping it in barbed wire. You then take a replica light saber (courtesy of star wars) and wrap it with the same razor wire used to wrap the stake. The stake is then inserted into the girls ass well chanting ABRA CODABRA and some other crazy hymns. You then take the light saber and insert it into a bible. You then take the bible and insert the entire concoction into the girls open honey pot until only the end of the lightsaber can be seen. take the end of the light saber and begin spining it making the razor wire rip apart the pages of the bible leaving some holy shit inside her uterus. the remove the stake and pray. usually followed by the little brother. the barbed-anus
The barbed- anus was performed long ago by darth vader. PS. parachute pants
by 100%naturalflava November 18, 2006

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