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Ok. I've lived in Framingham my whole life and these definitions do not give it justice. Yes you have your bad side of framingham and the good side. You have your hoodlums and your business folk. But isn't every place like that? Yes. It all depends on where you live. Downtown's straight.I live in downtown and it really isn't what everybody here is trying to make it look like. You got your projects but they're actually pretty nice inside (if your clean - yall cant deny it!) I wouldn't really even call them projects. And I see alota talk about getting jumped, ya shit happens. Doesn't it everywhere? You have some "real" ppl and then you got the shit talkers. Just like everywhere else. It all depends on who you get yourself involved with cuz you can go live on the northside of framingham and it really is a nice nice place. Good neighborhoods, nice communities. The schools, well I attended a elementry, middle and high school. They're alright, could be better, again it depends on who you get involved with. Framingham is nice because although its considered a town, its the biggest town in the USA and could easily be called a city. Your in the middle of everything. The mall's close wherever you are in Framingham, there are alot of shopping centers, practically every commercial store and downtown has alot of little shops booming with ethnicity. And yes they're is alot of brazilian's in framingham but framingham is very diverse. Framingham High's a good example. Many blacks, whites, spanish, brazilians, and everything in between. I think (if you TRY) that jobs here are pretty easy to come across (with all the stores and stuff) Also framingham is in a great location, very accessable to major highways and of course 20mins to either boston or worcester. So maybe after you read this then you'll see Framingham differenty. Cuz everywhere you go, you'll always get the bad with the good. Am I wrong?
Framingham - Best of Both Worlds
by 1 Truth August 21, 2006

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